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Complimentary Marketing Audit

When you partner with Mid-West Family Rockford on a complimentary Marketing Audit, you’ll receive our famous “Ritz-Carlton Service” as we get you into the fold of becoming one of our preferred customers. Mid-West Family Rockford is known for how we treat and value our customers and this is your chance to experience it.


Video Analysis and Opportunity Outline

After our indepth review and analysis over each of these vital marketing areas, the next step is to provide you with a complimentary video analysis of information gathered from our marketing team. Discover where your website, customer reviews, media quality and social media stand and how it is effecting the growth of your business. After the video analysis we will also provide you with a detailed opportunity outline to help transform the weak areas of your business into strengths that delight customers and improve the potential for success in your business!


Ensure You Get The Most From Your Complimentary Audit

As with any audit, it’s a two-way street. The customers who are most open with their information and willing to engage and grow, will benefit the most. Those customers who simply view us as vendors with a product to sell or pitch will see the least return on their time and investment with us. Our team is dedicated to helping businesses understand what it takes to succeed and we want to offer you only the best opportunities to help you do just that!

To sign up for your complimentary marketing audit,
send an email to Kim DiGiovanni at kdigiovanni@rmgmwf.com.